Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am always excited when I buy toys for the kids and they actually want to play with the toys in stead of the trash it came in. Recently purchased an picnic table for my little girls and they are absolutely in love with eating every meal at it, puzzles, coloring watching TV. Caroline especially, and she got mad at the older kids, for "messing" up her table and told them to wipe it off. She is in the middle of potty training so far so God, seems to be doing well but she insist on her privacy and she got off her potty and went poo in Collins room and the hallway and the bathroom. Just thinking about that now maybe she was headed towards the bathroom ??

In love with being with my kids and homeschooling.

Earlier Collin was dance and sing "my butt my butt is on fire" and shaking it around of course it didn't help that he was wearing red shorts the ones you play basketball in. He was just tired and we were all laughing then Evelyn joined in and we were having a good time sorting clothes. Now they are playing Wii and I have to say it is one of the best gaming systems for kids their age, and their game of choice is star wars Lego. I love it not because it keeps them entertained, but that it requires them to talk to one another, and each character has strengths and weaknesses and learning to problem solve to reach the end of a level.

It has been a good day, not very productive, but a day where I actually did nothing. I got the book I ordered in the mail******BONUS******, it makes me happy.
Good Night for now

<3 me

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am exceedingly happy to day! I found my missing blog, I have 3 officially, and I lost 1 and 2, 3 I am still writing in and have not lost the password for the fact I am offically an air head!!!!!!!!!! lol. Currently I am listening to my daughter and son play star wars lego on the wii. Funny to hear them play so intent on what they are doing. Evelyn has refused to play with Collin because he's a walker and always "walks" in front of her. funny!

Ps. the photo has nothing to do with the blog I just love this picture of Norah!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


ok so most of the time I write about m take on things and this subject is no different. I think we all wonder and ponder who the right one is (i am such a sucker for a love story...especially when it has a happy ending) I watched "he's just not that into you" for most of the movie I was bored and really dieing for it to be over with. The movie was about relationships and get the guy or gal you were meant to be with. The best line was "there are rules and then there are are my exception" And think back on mike my rules were 1) Never date a guy named Mike (they are so much trouble) 2) Never date a virgin (yes that was really one of sound kinda retard now) 3) always date a best friend (they are willing to go the extra mile to be with you)

Mike was my exception, he canceled all my plans for the future. I enjoy being with him still. He has shown me, what forever looks like (that is no easy task, I come from a divorced family like most of us, he took my broken past and insecurities and makes me feel unbroken), his strength was in his love, I miss
sharing the birth of our 1st child with him but he was there loving me. I was petty and selfish, I regret not marrying him sooner. With all of this I still get very annoyed, but I know I am only human. I hope this makes sense and you can understand what I am saying

By I know it was God telling me that on our first date "after today your life will never be the same" I am sure glad God knows me better than I do.

Thank you for the passion, grace, love, forgiveness,unity but really for you
Blessed to share this 1 life with you!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year same old thoughts

Happy New Year!

I love Christmas! It is the new year I can't stand, it is expected that we all want to change something about our selves by making resolutions. I like resolutions, even though only 25% of people actually keep theirs. I am determined to make myself a better person. I need to focus on my spirit , my physical body, and my creative soul and amidst the other goals that are standard. I realize that I am so not perfect and not even close to the person that I want to be more love and more patience, I am determined to focus more on reading my bible and reading the books I normally don't read or haven't read, going to start with Numbers, My physical body challenge is to exercise at least 20 mins a day either by playing the wii, dvd, or elliptical trainer, and for my creative soul is to do or start on Norah's album, Collin football album, catching up Evelyn's and Collin's albums and attending 4 classes in a month. My other miscellaneous ones are being a better mom by giving more praise and being less critical, getting my house organized and throwing out stuff I don't use or need, be one hot mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009